Saturday, June 30, 2012


I haven't had much success at all with earbuds.  Admittedly, I've been through at least 5 different brands and each one has failed to stay in my ears.  It's just not good for morale when I'm on a training run and I have to fiddle with keeping them in.   After several years and the informal diagnosis by Brad - that my ears are made of soft, flimsy cartilage, I've finally found a pair that stays in!

Bought at CVS for $6, these have worked for 10 of my runs, one long one and I am happy to report they are here to stay. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday Challenge

48km = 30 miles or 24km = 15 miles

Bike: 4.8 mi
Climb: 48 routes in gym
Slosh pipe: sets of 48: squats, lunges, sit ups, holds, walks
Lift: 4800 lbs
Pull-up: 48
Push-ups: 48

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

San Diego

We've arrived.  Aside from the feeling of deep joy being with my family, I am also nostalgic.  It's a hard thing to avoid when I come home.

Here are my plans for our month-long stay.

Take kids to National City so they can see where I grew up.
Eat a lot of rolled tacos.
Run barefoot.
Wear sunblock.
Hang out with my childhood friends.
Get a lot of sister time!
Be with family.

Since Thursday, things have been slow, but a little frenetic.  My dad got into a car accident the day he was preparing to go to San Diego.  Geri and I diverted our plans and spent time in Oxnard while he was in the hospital.  Within the hour when he was discharged, we made the 3.5 hour trip to San Diego just in time to catch the last hour of Erin and Timmy's graduation party.  It was a beautiful day and even though we didn't make it for the core part of the party, it felt good to see everyone so happy.

Back in Oxnard with my dad now and we're just taking care of a few things before heading back to San Diego.  My dad is calm, but it's hard to tell what's churning inside of him.  I know he's anxious to be through with the business part of this accident and get back to spending time with family.

This is the stuff that makes life important, though -

Uninterrupted time with my dad.
In my absence, hearing from people that Misa and John-Pio are happy, sweet, and fun!
Knowing that Brad and family are together, making the most of a beautiful place.

I am blessed!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Catching Up

Celebrating long daylight, shimmering sunsets, and freedom in nature.
Re-building a sand castle together

Creating a River
I'm not getting any more sleep now with my full-on summer break, than I was when I was working.  In fact, I'm so elated to have time to flip through magazines, sit around drinking coffee and reading my books, that I haven't really wanted to sleep.  Strange how that works now that I have the time.

So here's what I've been up to since June 12th, the last day of school.

I took a class that focused on Reading for Critical Thinking.  It was one of the better professional development classes I've taken because the tools are functional, but moreso, I walked away excited to have learned some new ideas and skills.

Emma's home from Conserve School and she turned 17 years old June 11th.  We had our third annual family birthday party for her at Brittingham Park, an event that is surely becoming my favorite one of the year.  We had so much fun that I didn't even stop to take pictures!  Aside from the obvious which is that Emma is a year away from being 18, I am proud to be a part of her life.  She adds the touch - the harmony and perspective that makes me feel hopeful about our world in the next 50 years.  

Saturday was our kick-back day.   But after hanging around all morning into the afternoon, we got on our bikes with Peter and Ruth and made our way to the Arboretum - our hidden gem of prairie, trails, and lovely trees.  I rode my old-newly refurbished bike, "Stella," for the first time and she is indeed a fun cruiser bike.  After the Arb, we headed to Zuzu's Cafe to meet Annie and Stanley for dinner.  I love outdoor areas where kids are free to roam, play and create.

Today - Fathers Day - was a happy one.  I am so blessed that Brad is a wonderful dad to Emma, Misa, and John-Pio.  I have truly loved how we've grown into our parenting roles - still open to our challenges and learning how to be the best we can be.  I look at our three kids and know that they have it good with a dad who is fun, funny, inspiring and smart!

Together with Peter and Ruth, Tom and Lisa and Lily and Jack, Annie, and the Naputi-Werntz family, we spent the day on the South Shore of Devils Lake.  We barbecued, went swimming, read, and celebrated good friendship.  It was a memorable day topped off with a late night trip to Culvers for concrete mixers.

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today . . .

"What are you teaching John-Pio?" 

Naputi-Werntz at the Arb
Lily and Misa
Uncle Nino and Misa playing

Celebrating long daylight, shimmering sunsets, and freedom in nature.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


This is what I hope to be doing a lot of in about 3 days.  School will have ended and maybe I can actually sleep past 5:30am.  I look so peaceful - I must be dreaming about climbing.

My skin feels tender and my callouses are peeling.  Two weeks makes a difference, but I've been into other things like running and hot yoga so I have that going for me, physically.  My head needs a break from obsessing about routes and boulder problems both indoors and out, anyway.  Right?  I'm trying to convince myself of that.

I've missed it.  Early June is a lot like early September - as the school year winds down, my task list and stress levels amp up. 

In just a few days though I'll have my sights set on something other than grading, reading, and planning.  And stressing - I plan to relieve myself of that.  My plan is to get inside for some movement and then get outside on that beautiful purple quartzite at least 3 times before I leave for a month-long vacation to California.   Hooray!