Sunday, February 1, 2015

What Saves

It's not the best quality picture but with freezing fingers on a late night stroll around Monona Bay, our smiles tell the story anyway.  Plus I'm forever a novice when it comes to artful iphone shots. With Brad traveling literally every weekday in January, I really needed a getaway, even if it was 9pm by the time I walked out the door and for only an hour - I was feeling a little desperate.  Which is why Katie's so awesome - she and I donned our big 'ol snow boots and walked in the drippy falling snow finding angles of lights and burrs to shoot.  Hopefully Katie will sort through her night shots and share her faves.


It's still six months away but my annual Birthday Challenge is on my mind and if you've followed my previous pursuits, you'll know my mantra is to just do it now.  And if I haven't convinced you yet or if you're looking for total psych, check out Steve Edwards blog - he's not only been my inspiration for all-things-hard-and-fun but he's been open about his life with cancer and he's so f'in amazing, you can't help but buck up and get smart about fitness and life.  Whenever I don't feel like I can access the strength or will or courage related to a personal fitness goal - even if it's for that moment, I honestly think about Steve. 

#cancertraining #cancerchallenges #gettingsmarter #psychsaves

One last share - if you feel like reading about race, gender, sexuality, class, or culture, you can find a list of free pdf books which will surely keep you busy.

It's February 1st!  I still think the Common Core State Standards are inherently wrong.  Seriously - we're gonna accept the government's mandate that every child can achieve the same thing at the same time.  Think how discriminatory in its application that is.

#fortherecord #thinkingsaves

Here are some more iphone pics that round out my life of students, family, running, climbing and kids #peoplesaves.

bro and sis

former students back to visit
running to see the moon

bowling with bumpers
climbing comp