Sunday, November 27, 2011

Warriors Are Out There

Warriors come in all shapes and sizes. My little warrior, John-Pio was at Boulders traversing and practicing his own boulder project. He's been climbing more lately, and not only that, but he's been dreaming about climbing, too. He said, "I dreamed I went all the way to the top and I felt so great!" This is pretty much the only part of the wall he's been working out on for the past two weeks. It's really fun to watch him turn up his psych for climbing!

Now, real films about warriors are out there - mainstream and underground alike. A few of the recently made films in 2011 are actually on my movie list: "Warrior" and "Garbage Warrior." For now, since most of my spare movie time is spent watching movies about climbing and climbers, I would recommend two movies made by Ian Cotter-Brown, creator of Rock Warrior Films. Ian's been exploring Devils Lake and surrounding areas, putting up fun problems and telling others they should probably go do them. I've been out with him several times and his low-key understated psych is, ironically, what gets me psyched!

Check out his newest film, "Wisconsin Stone," which you can download for a mere $5. While you're at it, you should also see, "Midwest Unknown." Both are great films featuring local climbers, including one of my all-time favorite friends, Katie Schultz! If you want psych and inspiration, watch her send Rail Gun V6, Battle of the Bulge V7/8, Fat Pants V7, and Bark Biter V4. Katie shows steady, strong work on these problems, making the film that much more motivating and fun to watch. She's certainly one I consider a warrior - and a humble one, too - as she makes her mark on the midwest bouldering scene. Check out the trailer here, and then go to the site ( and download it - it's worth it. And, thanks to Ian, for making a film we can connect to and for putting it out there for us to see - you're the real warrior for making these and showing us what is possible.

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