Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Nevermind. I'll Sound it Out."

Here's the funniest video ever.  Most of the time climbing with the kids is fun and easy, and sometimes it can be a little chaotic.  You decide which one this video represents.  (HINT: "How do you pronounce this word . . . ?")

Climbing with Kids from Vera Naputi on Vimeo.

Initially we were going to go to Governor Dodge to boulder, but made a quick decision against it to avoid the dreadful ticks.  Ugh.  Misa and Brad both had one already, and while we typically don't let that deter us from being outside, we opted to choose our bouldering spot carefully.

The West Bluff Fire Road was a great choice.  I mean, the kids love hiking around in the large talus fields, but it takes longer and I end up getting in less climbing time because of the hike.  The fire road was a welcome respite and it was beautiful to see how open the woods were.  We spotted a short little group of boulders, about 6 feet high, and perfect for the kids to practice their footwork, mantle at the top-out, and check-in with their levels of fear.  It's nerve wracking to top-out!

We've been reading the Harry Potter series and Misa decided to name the area "The House of Aragog."  Misa said it's a really simple word to spell because there's a pattern to it, so even if you've never read Harry Potter, at least you'll know how to spell the spider's name if you're psyched to take kids there.

The 45 wall was so fun!  I love the far right warm-up line (v3) and the far left (v4) has great movement with a sketchy top-out.  I think having Brad back into climbing, instead of just spotting and moving pads around for me is going to make my season.  Cross your fingers he stays healthy and gets friggin' stronger than he is - I rely on him to be my beta man!


  1. Nice!!!! Great cinematography! What skill! ce

    1. You'll get more videos of yourself than you'll ever want once your kid gets a hold of your iPhone!