Friday, August 3, 2012

"This is what it's like to climb with women . . . "

Posting mobile - pardon typos and haphazard pictures and videos . . . We went climbing today - hung around Dog Walk boulder until Kevin sent and until Sam decided she was done, even though she could have sent too. Justin woke up after downing his coffee drink and had some great links for only his second time bouldering at Devils Lake. Maybe he'll fall in love with that pink-purply quartzite. Katie handed out beta because she's already done the problems 174 times, and because she's awesome.

I'd say the real story of today was the verbal sparring and exchanges between the group - uh, between Katie and Sam, I mean.  Thoroughly entertaining, I captured some of their shenanigans on film which you can scroll down if you're eager to witness what it's like to climb with women - particularly, these two women!  Good times today - we went to Dog Walk and up to Jenga and Hungry Hippos.

Justin on Magnum P.I.
Baker on Jenga
Sam climbing square
Great work on Magnum P.I., Kevin!

If it's not breasts or booty's, it's something else.  

FUN day!

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