Sunday, November 25, 2012

Indoors and Out

I could get used to two long weekends in a row. After spending most of our time indoors, we were happy to be outside in the Arboretum - our city gem of woods, prairie and wetlands, gardens and almost always wild turkeys and sometimes a hawk.  I love this place so much.

It's easy to get the kids outside, something I've always wanted them to value as much as me and Brad do.  So when being indoors playing games, watching TV, reading or making art gets way too comfortable, all I have to say is three words and they are quick to move - Nature Deficit Disorder - something I exposed them to long ago even when I knew they didn't understand even each word in isolation and a term I know explains only part of the problem.  These days though, we talk and read about things that contribute to healthy lives, and emphasize the significance of being part of the natural world.  That seems to go a long way for now.

Here's a little clip I made after discovering the Vimeo app on my phone. The kids and I put this together pretty quickly!

Thanksgiving Weekend - a good way to end a restful and wonderful weekend with family and friends.

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