Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Change: Rework

Now that I'm on the 2nd day of school closing due to extreme weather, I had to make myself change the course of the past two weeks by treating today's day off like any other normal weekday - kids were up at 6am and dressed.  It went pretty well, except that I don't normally whip up crepes with Nutella and hot chocolate to help the kids start their day, and I rarely get to drink two cups of coffee, unload the dishwasher, and read.

I just finished the book Rework which is about leadership in complex places driven by knowledge.  To these authors, success isn't predefined - it can't be handed out neatly on a page to implement with fidelity and precision.  While this idea seems like common-sense, I often feel trapped in a workplace that wants so badly for success to occur in this way.  Since last November, I began to really note the difference it makes in investing tons of time, energy and effort into short-range planning instead of the long-range.  I think it's easier to change direction especially when vulnerable to work and a lifestyle that at times can be volatile.

What spoke to me most after reading the book was that success happens when an organization's commitment responds to current realities.  That applies to my personal life, too.  During a training session the other day I walked out with a structured program, one that fits my lifestyle of kids, work, socializing, climbing, and running - one that I can commit to because it responds to my current realities.  When training, that's important to me.

So anyway, I'm not recommending the book unless you're looking for #20 on your list of books to read.  Among a few other good points, I think I also just liked the word and the concept.


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