Monday, April 14, 2014

Post Winter

It's been a while.  Like everyone else in my circle I've been waiting to declare it post-winter.  I've been waiting to say Spring in an exclamatory way that punctuates every single day, and not just these random days where I see only glimpses.  Truth is I'm still not able to declare or exclaim it, but I can say with certainty that today I feel it because my long awaited Spring Break has started.  Here's what's been happening from February to now . . .

John-Pio learned how to gas up the car. 
Lisa, Stacey, Suzi and I went to Hueco for a long weekend.  It was so awesome. 

Our digs

Muscling up and topping out
Settling into that crimp

Got sun-tired working this problem

Stacey on Mushroom  - strong Mama!

Sun sun sun

Yeah Stacey on that block that was once there but now it's not cause it broke

Pad season

John-Pio turned 9 and had his whole class over to celebrate

Ever devoted big sister

Serenading her lil bro

Playground Workout

Here's to more playground time and the start of no-hat season.  Here's to pad season.  And green grass season.  Climbing outside season.  Running in a tank and shorts season.  Barbecue season.  Here's to Post-Winter! 
Last day for hats.  Kate and I dreaming of Summer! 

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