Saturday, August 2, 2014

Birthday Challenge Countdown

It's time for my Birthday Challenge Countdown.  If you don't know the history of Birthday Challenges, you can check out the original site by Steve Edwards who along with Todd Mei, was inspirational in helping me do my first one at age 40.  I actually have my first challenge posted on that site from 2004. There's also one up on Epic TV of Alex Johnson - a strong competitive rock climber who did her first birthday challenge this year when she turned 25.  

One week to go and I have a few things in store for myself.  Let me just say that the quality of a Birthday Challenge takes a little training, some pain and suffering, and of course a celebration.  While the training and pain are a given, the fact that my dad, brother, sister, and brother-in-law will all be here means the celebration will be super special.  And of course, nothing happens til Brad and the kids are full-on there with cheers and encouragement, not to mention, joining in for the hell of it.

So here's what I'll be doing . . .

Run my 5th half marathon in 50 days
Hold five 5 minute planks
Climb 50 routes
Boulder 50 problems
150 pull ups (of course)
150 push ups

In classic and true Birthday Challenge style and from what I've learned from the challenges done by mastermind Steve and my underground BC mentor Todd, is that the vice of choice could do you in.  I don't remember with accuracy which vice was theirs but I know there were apple fritters as big as your face for one, and a certain number of burritos for another.  Ech.  Mine?  Quesadillas of course - fresh corn tortillas, cotija cheese, lots of pika dunni (that's hot peppers in Chamorro).  Not 50 of them though. I'd rather eat gummy bears, chew 50 pieces of bubble gum or pop some Lemonheads, for real.  And the drink?  5 white sangrias sound pretty refreshing to me.

I'll be happily and sufferingly busy next weekend.  But what I'm really psyched about is my family - it'll be a quick trip for them so my focus is on getting through my challenge to spend some fam time together.  A full report with pictures to come.  Going hard and long to make this birthday year better than the last!

I can't die.  It would ruin my image.  --Jack Lalanne

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