Sunday, September 14, 2014

Kicked My Ass

I'm not going to lie about the last two weeks.  My students . . .




For reasons only the public can't even imagine.  Can't even imagine.  Adolescents, in the period of storm and stress, just by the very nature of their beings and being around each other are high maintenance.  I won't go into detail - some of you live with them, some teach them, some hang out with them, some of you are still them - it's just good to know I'm not alone.  And while they kicked my ass, I'll also admit that they also . . .



They did.  We're in the midst of teaching an integrated Language Arts and Social Studies unit called "Warriors: Stories of Struggle and Triumph" and while I led discussions and lessons on Michael Brown and Ferguson, students also studied Ana Tijoux (check out her music, especially "1977" and thanks Ms. Jorgensen for the intro), a Chilean hip hop artist who represents everything warrior-like on the political and feminism spectrum.  They're answering essential questions like, In what ways do others stories and experiences help deepen your understanding of yourself and others? What makes a warrior?  It's no walk in the park - these kids are f'in deep. Which is what makes working late on a Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning okay - they challenge me to keep it goin' on.  At least that's what I think for now.  All I really wanted though - really, really - was to get outside on this beautiful fall weekend to climb. Thanks to Jamie and Tom, and Misa who wanted nothing more than to hang out with Jada, we made it to Governor Dodge.  And bonus was running into Katie and crew!

SO fun.  Here's what we did.

We bouldered on sandstone. 

Jamie so strong

Tom getting ready to dyno

Which he did really well :)

So many reasons to love climbing outside with this fam. 

She's got the boulder pad hang out thing down. 

These two . . . best friends.  

Jada exploring the forest. This is fall in WI.  

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