Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who's the Jailbird?

We were reminiscing telling family stories and who did what when we were growing up and growing older.  I remarked that my stuff wasn't anything too far from the straight and narrow and Peter talked about being "detained" and "held up," to which Misa responded: "Soooooo there's like a Jailbird in every family I bet.  Who's it in ours?"  

#timewillreveal #storiesmakeusreal

I love coming home.  Home has been a few places coming from a split fam, but like most of us do, Life continues and you end up paining and pining away for awhile until you get a lil more self-knowledge, a lil more perspective, some experience with loss and growth, and some people who tell you straight-up that  you got it better than most.  

#thanksmom #thanksdad #lovejah

That's kind of what home does to me - shakes me up a bit when I'm low and vulnerable.  And then you remember where you came from and that you're still loved, whether or not you're one of the jailbirds in the family.  It also reminds me that home is just f'in awesome.
My run today . . . 

It was 5 miles of home.  

Summer Vacation

Here's what I've been up to since summer break started . . .

Scott and David got married June 28th!  

 Teary eyes of joy. 

 Papa Rick danced with all of them! 

After the wedding, Geri came to Madison and the sibs hung out. 

Love them

Geri left and then it was my amazing Hip Hop conference. 

Hopped on a plane to go home to CA. 

First stop: Ventura CA to spend time with Dad. 

It's all about sun and fun.

Next stop Vandenberg Air Force Base to see my nephew.

Daniel's awesome - totally dedicated. 

Running with my bro along the marina. 

Hanging out in Dad's backyard.

Auntie Ruth and Misa :)

My highlight was the plum tree

Reaching high for the perfect one. 

Got it! 

Barbecuing flesh

Mmmmmmmmm . . . 

Some uke time. 

Cousin time with Stevie and my dad

Of course there's Over the Line

Topped off the first few days with natural yellows.