Sunday, April 12, 2015

Ranting and Roaming Inside and Out (climbing!)

If you live in WI, this is the place to be

I went to bed last night with a rant in my head and woke up with that same rant.  Got it out of the way once I shared those thoughts with two trusted people but still can't let it go.  It has to do with the recent cover page of Time Magazine.  It looks like this:

Does anyone agree with me that this cover is unfortunately a tragic incomplete representation of #Blacklivesmatter?  

What about this one from the Rolling Stones?  This has nothing to do with #Blacklivesmatter and everything to do with mainstream audiences being duped by the media. 

What do you make of this relative to corporate media influences?  Is anyone paying attention to the timeline of events and the construct of race relative to the covers of these two magazines?   Tell me if you do please.  I need to know.

Anyway, some cool things happened this week and weekend.  My students and I are thriving off of National Poetry Month.  We wrapped up the week with our first Open Mic Friday and there were some narratives out there from the mouths of babes that make you wanna create billboards of their poetry, not to mention just give 'em a big squeeze for being so f'in real.   

Misa and John-Pio's opening night for "Snow White" was this weekend and it was packed.  Both kids love their work and are learning how to manage their sleep time, homework, water intake, along with chores, physical activity, and just every day fun.

Some of the Playtime Productions cast - Misa's post was: "The amazing crew.  We did good tonight!"
And Brad and I spent some time climbing at the Lake and inside at Boulders which we can count as day dates since we were kid-less.  Here's what it looked like outside . . .

Capturing the elusive vitamin D

Remembered the beta

Short and quick hike out

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