Monday, June 29, 2015

Running, BET and Some North Shore Climbing

I write about love.  Happy love. Sad love.  Love is powerful.  --Smokey Robinson BET Awards 2015

I don't know about you but sunrises make me mindful of people and places who mean something to me.  Hope you can find time for one this week. 

Birthday Challenge Countdown to my 51st birthday is a run every day for 51 days.  So far so good. Just completed 17 days in a row of 3-12 miles depending on how I'm feeling or where I want to go. Ultimately I'll do three 17 mile runs in 51 days to equal my age.  That started June 21, and with the first 17 mile run on this weekend's schedule, I've been banking the training miles.  Still, my favorite blog and inspiring person is Steve Edwards so if you haven't been following his blog, you should go to it right now and get psyched - I never miss it at least once every few days and definitely when he has a new blog post up and if you're looking for a Birthday Challenge - well, he and Todd Mei are the originals.  I have a good playlist already but I'm counting on y'all for new music recs.  And BTW, thanks for the book ideas - I have dedicated and interesting friends!

If you weren't watching the BET 2015 Awards Sunday night you missed one of the best performances and tributes so far this year.  Don't miss the clips - check Nikki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Smokey Robinson, Sean diddy combs, that best ever Bad Boy Reunion, Big Sean - damn! There were others but I had to go to bed so sometime today I'll be watching my way through the hour I missed.

Anyway, we went climbing today - here's what happened when Brad, Kael, Sam and I left as the sun rose this morning and headed to Devils Lake to boulder on the North Shore - we hit the warm-ups, Earth Mechanics, and Bark Biter.  

Fun day!  

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