Sunday, March 6, 2016

Collection of Pics on Passion

I've been thinking a lot about the people in my life, feeling grateful for our shared passions as individuals and in different circles like climbing, running, skateboarding, parenting and family, hip hop pedagogy, music, beer and wine, and of course, equity and all things related to teaching and learning. These circles do not necessarily overlap but one thing I know for sure is they all bring me joy. Each circle provided some reliable potent fuel over the past few months 'cause no lie -- there were some days when it was all mud and oil. I'm talking about teaching and at times feeling unmotivated to train or maintain fitness, and it's those times passions become really important and necessary.  Otherwise I might be chronically cynical and always annoyed and no one wants to be a repellant.  So here's the good news: No matter what's going on, a passion can help you believe in what's possible. Remember that in anticipation of spring break! Here's a collection of past pics from several recent family and friend events, including my other Loves--Lit and Kate, and Katie, my lovely daughters, my penultimate trip to red rock canyon, Suzi's 40th and John-Pio's 11th birthday celebration, academic collaboration, a cypher with my students, my great-nephew, and other fam and friendship fun -- passion and joy mixed! Hope y'all get out there. 

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