Monday, September 5, 2016


Mr. Haste, Me, Ms. Page - my awesome teaching team :) 
When school started this week, I felt like my students' sweet greetings were a longing for connection. For a few, their pent-up feelings for love seemed satisfied with familiar faces and places in our school. After probably spending a good part of summer sidetracked watching various videos and other trivia, they were part ready, part seduced by friendships and community. Let me say I'm pretty psyched to be team-teaching with two really smart, dedicated, and dynamic teachers: Ms. Page and Mr. Haste. I have no doubt the three of us will be helping kids navigate the complexities in their young lives as they experience it while we teach them relevant, important topics and skills in an engaging, hopefully fun way. We are really going to thrive together as a team! 

Speaking of thriving, we did some camping and climbing and Brad and I celebrated our 14 year anniversary by repeating our set-up of Beginner's Demise, an old favorite route of ours at Devils Lake. It was super fun. Looks like the theme for the week will be about thriving, so I hope you all get out there and thrive!

watching camp set up

homework on east bluff

love of my life

on landscape 
obvious car camping
brats, potatoes, smores 

Happy Anniversary to us! 

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