Friday, October 14, 2011

Making Lemonade

Injuries affect people differently. Thankfully, I haven't been injured in a long, long time and I'm always grateful for this. On the other hand, I feel for Brad who has been injured all summer, and has battled various injuries from time to time. If I ever get injured, I want to take it as gracefully as Brad has. I hope I'm as giving as he is, too, because this entire summer, he has followed me up and down the crags spotting, belaying, and moving pads for me. He's been there to keep the kids company, distract them as I work out moves on a project, and support me even though he hasn't been able to climb.

In too many wonderful ways to list, Brad is - hands down - the BEST climbing partner.


(And he is NOT a Leo . . .)

Here is a video of me when we went hiking around carrying our pads from boulder to boulder. We didn't find the boulder we were looking for, and we were on a tight time schedule. So instead of going back to the car completely empty-handed, I found this little boulder and made the best of our random hiking around. We called it, "Making Lemonade."

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