Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snapshot of Misa

If there is one cliche that rings true today, it's this: "Capture the moments, because time goes so fast." Today Isabel Marie Naputi-Werntz, otherwise known as Misa, turned 8 years old. Yes, it went fast, and yes, I continually try to savor the moments.

Although I remember her birth-day vividly, I remember my pregnancy with her even more clearly. I've written about it from time to time, recalling what it took to stay in shape and in touch with myself. Misa's birth naturally changed my life, and every day, I find myself enamored by her personality and love of life.

She makes me laugh about the silliest things, and challenges me by asking questions I have to seek answers to. She is aware of people's feelings - especially mine. I know this because of our conversation as we were walking to the park the other day.

Me: Were you able to give out all your birthday invitations?
Misa: Yes, but Mama, you forgot to put what the party is *for* on all the invitations.
Me: Oooooh. Dang, so what did you do and how did you discover it?
Misa: Well, my teacher did, so during Choice Time, I wrote on all 20 invitations that it is for my birthday.
Me: It sounds like you solved it, I'm sorry I forgot the most important detail!!!
Misa: It's okay, and I told my teacher that you probably forgot because you did it just this morning. I didn't say, 'She was soooo busy that she completely forgot' because that would make you look like a careless mom."
Me: [Laughing] Thanks, Misa - you're such a great daughter!

I love to remember the snippets of conversations the two of us have from time to time. I try to record the true gems, like this one was in my mind, not only because I like remembering, but because Time really does go by fast.

In the picture below of Emma and Misa, I am reminded that Emma was 8 years old when Misa was born!

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