Sunday, July 29, 2012

Horse Flats Bouldering

Last day of our mini vacation took us to a wide playground of granite rock.  Granite . . . yes, granite on our final day.  Trying to keep "it's not sharp" at the front of my brain, and channeling the grace and power from Suzi and Katie, I fell in love with the area and the plethora of rock.

Here's what we came upon first - a playful boulder to warm-up and catch the vastness on top of the Los Angeles basin away from the smog.

Of course this B1 Traverse got our attention and of course Katie sent without blinking.  Her quiet confidence makes anyone spotting or watching believe that overcoming the crux or the heel hook or the sharp rock or the effort or the endurance it takes is possible.  Suzi caught her on video and even though it misses the real business of this little traverse, it captured Katie having some for real fun - Oh and it
starts with a for real booty shot!


 Katie fires every move on this problem - feels similar to Grounded for Life at Governor Dodge.

Suzi makes strong work on the traverse connecting and linking here.

When heel hooks fail me, I like to listen to my hecklers. They said to campus, so I did.

Towards the end of the day Suzi found this wall of fun, one problem with a mantle. I had to share this video because after much ado, I missed her actual mantle but caught the walk up.


 Our only way out of Horse Flats was for each of us to do one last problem on that beautiful granite, and sharp as it seemed, it was a fun way to end the day. Might I add that that one last problem was how each of us earned our gelato - the gelato AFTER the rich chocolate-tofu dessert Suzi surprised us with once back in her LA abode. I can use all the typical descriptive words about this trip, but really, it was the friendship and life in those days that felt so good. I left Saturday night and headed back to Oxnard where my Misa and John-Pio were waiting - unfazed by my absence and completely in their element, I found them at the Blue Star Buffet as happy to hug them as they were to hug me.

Here's a final shot of Suzi and Katie doing LA, beach style, the next day.

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