Sunday, July 1, 2012

Things in My Dad's House

Like many households that have been lived in, my dad's house has a collection of all things kitschy.  There's nothing modern about it - well, there's the beautiful wood floors and all of his cool hats, and the backyard is an oasis of peace - those things stand out to me.  The rest - well, take a look.

Hanging in the bathroom.
Chamorro beads - meaningful, not kitschy.
Just half of what's on the refrigerator.
One of the many religious icons tucked away.
Part of the hallway decorated with family pictures and more religious symbols.  That picture to the right is when I received my Masters and everyone came out to celebrate!
That mirror has been around forever.
Lots of little knick-knacks.  The piece of art to the right was made by Emma a few years back.  

While I'm not eager to sort and clean or choose what to discard or save, I am anticipating that the finds I uncover during the process will be cool.  And I'm pretty psyched for that.  I don't know when we'll start diving in, but my dad's agreed to start going through things. Ultimately I would love for him to spend half his time with Geri and half his time with me and Peter in Wisconsin. Maybe we'll bring that ceramic hat and hang it in our bathroom!

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