Saturday, October 13, 2012

And How Did Your Week Go?

Adolescence: A period of storm and stress.

Duh, right?

This was evident in the yellow notebook I intercepted filled with entries written by a girl having a relationship with a really cute boy. It occurred to me that the relationship part was imaginary - completely fictional - though in tone, a bit hopeful.  The rest of her characters were not fictional ones at all.  They were students in my class, and her mixed thoughts were indicative of her fantasies and reality as she sees it.  Other than that content, most of her writing was formatted like journal entries, about the boring teacher, the dumb girl she can't stand, and how painful it was when someone stepped on her toe.  

The one and only low point of the week came when this picture was collected after a student reported a  kid drawing "disgusting pictures".   So tell me, was your week punctuated with this kind of nonsense?

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