Monday, December 3, 2012

December Highlights Already

I only noticed that November flew by because I couldn't wait for December.  Here are the highlights three days into the month . . .

My mom came for a quick weekend visit, with my nephew Erin as her escort.  It had been at least two years since her last visit, and since 2002 for Erin's.  With all the unique restaurants we have in Madison, we ended up taking her to bars.  She's a good sport.  Erin is my oldest nephew and for the first time, I felt like a true Auntie.  I think it's because he's now 30 and I have such strong memories of all my aunties from both sides of the family (Auntie Chai, Auntie Ana, Auntie Mary, Auntie Lou, Auntie Chai Duenas, Auntie Ella, Auntie Liz, Auntie Annie, Auntie Mary Paulino . . . ) who I've always respected and adored for select reasons.  I just feel like an "elder Auntie."  The time is now right?

Boulders celebrated its 16-year anniversary.  It was fun to share an important part of our life with my mom and Erin.  I'm proud of the journey Brad and I have chosen to take, and I'm happy that we could celebrate with so many nice people.

Misa only has three more plays left to perform and lordy lordy I'm counting them down.  She had a Sunday performance at the Barrymore Theater and it was special to see Annie & Stanley, Molly & Claire, my brother, Ruth, Chris and Daniel, and Stacey - all come out to see Misa's play.  I love my friends and family.

I registered for the Grandma's Marathon June 22nd.  

I have been thinking more and more about my plan to cut my hair off for a donation.  Stay tuned for details, I can't decide if it'll be before or after winter break.  I may have to put the question out to my students.

My mom and Erin left and I cried.  I miss them already.

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  1. Aww...Vera, it's so sweet you had an amazing time with your mom and nephew. And, yes, I know what being an "elder auntie" is about in my late 40's. :) Sounds like a great start to the month of December, the month of closing a another year and bringing in the new. I wish you, Brad, Emma, Misa and John-Pio the veriest of Merry Christmas and an especially blessed New Years.

    Much Love!