Thursday, June 27, 2013

Home for the Summer

In the last 24 weeks since the turn of 2013, I ran hundreds of training miles, discovered new artists and replayed some oldies, read a few books, managed the family, and finished out the school year strong - among other things of course, but those are just the highlights.  Since summer officially started just this week (last week was filled with professional development classes and a meeting), it feels good to be home.

I first heard about "nesting" years ago when I was pregnant with Misa.  Someone told me that that instinct would kick in and when it did, to take advantage of it since life with a baby would change my home and everything.  Admittedly that urge never took hold during pregnancy, but every now and then to this day, the urge to purge, straighten, re-do and refine shows up on my nesting ground.  Lately, I've shaken hands with some of my once hard-to-let-go material goods and moved on trying to purge the things that take up space all the while noting some important things:

John-Pio still burns a hole in the right knee of his jeans. 

Misa still introduces her stuffed animals to new sights and new ideas. 

Emma's smile turns to a belly laugh when old Winnie-the-Pooh movies somehow make it into the DVD player.  

Those are precious things to witness.  Those are the types of things I get to attend to as I settle into the season and nest in this quieter time when home for the summer means being present to what I don't get to notice throughout the busy days of the year. Little things that surprise and move me. Hidden, subtle or masked actions, behaviors, ideas, and interactions that easily slip away like morsels of crumbs - tasty things I want to remember but don't.

But now I will.

Hello, Summer . . . It's good to be home.

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