Monday, January 4, 2016

Blog Break-through

It's time to break the blog break.  I've mostly been writing for (and with) an audience of young adolescents or with my own family. We keep a little poetry/narrative book and every so often on the kids' after school To Do list, I'll require a piece of writing in The Book. Here's John-Pio's last entry:

These little gems make me think about what I want to do differently or better. I think resolutions are purposeful but I also think goals can be uplifting, especially if you're like me and list the same ones year after year. Moving into 2016 I have a few I'm focusing on: 

1) Honor others stories. This means honor others quips, too. During a group run last Sunday, the best one was this interaction between my two friends Annie and Barb: "Annie isn't it great! We're in our 60's and don't have to care about blowing snot rockets?" That was punctuated by descriptive advice and telltale signs that tell me snot rockets are a mark of experience - so much, that there's even a video in Runner's World about it.  Seriously though, stories challenge us to transform and examine our views and attitudes about life and relationships and ourselves. In my Chamorro family, we tell stories to have conversations - not lingering confrontations, and we tell those stories to build bridges and learn our history no matter how loaded they might be.  If you aren't telling yours or haven't heard a few in awhile, ask for one. Or tell one.

2) Have conversations about racial anxiety.  Lets start with Ta-Nehisi Coates who is author of The Beautiful Struggle, and Between the World and Me.  If you're not reading it, or haven't read it, or don't know anything about those books or him, now is the time.

I would be remiss if I did not include a fitness focus. My goal since September has been to keep a running base so I can do 10+ miles whenever I want. So far so good. Days are getting longer and the sky cleared for this beauty today ...

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  1. I'm definitely on the same page as you, exercising regularly, thoughtfully and building my endurance, Coates is next up on my nightstand, and I did my thing on our run initiating the snot rocket discussion. Also, I'm exercising pre dawn most mornings. I listen to a lot of stories from mom each week and will be at a memorial this week hearing stories of friend Scott's life.