Sunday, April 24, 2016

Well-meaning films, and Climbing

Climbing, and thoughts on equity. 

the zealot approach 

The thing about education is that it should always be learning over schooling. But sometimes it's not. Like last week   Misa was hyped to share this film her teacher showed her class called, "Living on One Dollar." I won't explain it cause it's easy to search but Misa wanted us to watch it with her to basically affirm her own questions and feelings about the stereotypes and inherent discrimination and lack of cultural competencies throughout the film. You all can watch for yourself but the thing about education is if you don't give your students a purpose for a film like this and follow-up, the spectrum of interpretations never fully address the problems of inequities. Well-meaning films like "Living on One Dollar" - and teachers who show them, can make the mistake of embracing progressive politics without an intentional framework to guide even their own reflection in a healthy way that helps kids learn about inequities -- the very theme this film tried hard to illustrate. Anyway, that's what I love about my equity book group fam -- we are critically honest about the attitudes we have about our students - for better or for worse but intentionally for the sake of being better at what we do for the kids. 

On the beautifully busy weekend front I went bouldering with Stacey and it was so fun. Governor Dodge is spring-time brilliant, especially in the early morning like at 6:30am. We did Grounded for Life among the other warm-ups in the area. My goal is to get this mom-of-two-preschoolers-toddler out on real rock regularly this season.  Hope y'all are getting some sun and nature! 

The 'ol Zealot pad
Warming up

Getting grounded 

strong mom

setting it up

If you're on snapchat, it's my new fun thing. I posted my first story so if you wanna see our before-climbing shenanigans, catch me at veranaputi. 

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