Sunday, May 8, 2016

Advice for Parents, Climbing, and Feeling the Love

The Woods
Two bad things happened in the past few weeks when two different parents cursed out Ms. Matson and me, and another publicly offended me in-passing while walking down my school hallway.  One parent was reacting to the fact that her kid told a lie and was called on it, and the other parent's reaction was a roundabout emotional outburst of school policy. Anyway, I won't rehash it all (it's not worth it) but it's a good checkpoint to offer some advice to parents:

Believe 50% of what your child says until you check it out with the teacher and then ask yourself: What is a reasonable response? How will my response benefit my kids growth in the long run? What is driving my response?

Sometimes it's their perception ...
Remember: Reflecting before reacting is always an option. Always. I could not imagine responding to even half of the  perceptions made by Misa and John-Pio. I'd be blowing down the school with foolishness, and worse, undermining my own kids ability and skills to problem solve and discern for themselves how to work or push through situations that are part of any dynamic environment. 

So even though the last few weeks cast a lil darkness, I am reminded of my values and that my values always trump rules and it's okay to hang up, pass the mic, or walk right past an unreasonable parent. 

Alright. Out with the bad. Here's what's good -- Ms. Matson's back for the last 24 or so days after coaxing her out of retirement to help save my sanity, theater productions are over, and spring flag football is back. 

Got big love from the fam for Mothers Day

instagram post :)

and Stacey and I went climbing this morning. Here are some pics of the day ...

mandatory cafe


always the lake

Stacey did it right her first time on bark biter

snapchat primer

and the pad of course!

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