Sunday, May 15, 2016

Testing and Nature

Five days of standardized testing down, no more to go - at least in my classroom. When a student said, "Ms. Naputi, I actually liked the test. I tried hard and the way you and Ms. Page set it up, it made me want to try, plus it was more serious." Sheesh. He was right though. I was well-prepped with detailed proctoring directions, and I conveyed the seriousness of the test the way I was instructed. Perhaps it was all the practicing, the pre-announcements that we'd be collecting cell phones and taking down virtually all the learning posters on the wall, and it was very important they arrived on time every day -- perhaps those things set the serious tone. Anyway, standardized testing for the 2015-16 school year is done and I'm done examining test items over the shoulders of my students. What I'm not done with though is facing the realities that the abundance of standardized testing interferes with core instruction, not to mention creating robotic-like sentiments that do nothing to support or test out the learning that comes from everyday challenging and relevant curriculum that can be reported to state officials. Well anyway, Misa and John-Pio were unfazed by MAP testing (they took it) and indifferent to the WI Forward exam (they didn't take it), and pretty psyched for the ABC countdown (18 days). Stay tuned for an article about a controversial piece of the WI Forward exam and MMSD's policy, probably coming out and quoting Brad, tomorrow. 

Hope everyone took a nature walk this weekend. Misa and John-Pio brought their good friends up to Devils Lake and 
Parfreys Glen for lots of hiking, rock hounding, and laughing.

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