Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Red Rocks

If pictures are worth a thousand words, then I missed some of the best shots. In all of the pictures I personally took, I missed documenting some of the most telling moments - the ones that really characterized my experience. I'm talking about the pictures I should have snapped when I laughed so hard I couldn't come up for air. I'm thinking about the times when my salty tears tumbled down my cheeks and I literally couldn't see through my squinty eyes because the laughter was so great, about something so absurd, that I actually can't repeat them verbatim right now even though the visual pictures are still fresh in my mind. I will remember to point my camera at those moments next trip.

Except for the frigid temps, the rock so cold my fingertips numbed, and the snowfall, this trip to Red Rocks will carry me for a long time. Not for the climbing - although the climbing was pretty amazing - but because it was with my best friends who are my favorite people for so many reasons: Annie, Sue, Lisa, Suzi, Katie, AnneBrie, Jess, and Liz (we missed you, Stacey . . . ). Here is a slideshow and some pictures of every not-so-sweet woman on the trip.

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