Tuesday, June 26, 2012

San Diego

We've arrived.  Aside from the feeling of deep joy being with my family, I am also nostalgic.  It's a hard thing to avoid when I come home.

Here are my plans for our month-long stay.

Take kids to National City so they can see where I grew up.
Eat a lot of rolled tacos.
Run barefoot.
Wear sunblock.
Hang out with my childhood friends.
Get a lot of sister time!
Be with family.

Since Thursday, things have been slow, but a little frenetic.  My dad got into a car accident the day he was preparing to go to San Diego.  Geri and I diverted our plans and spent time in Oxnard while he was in the hospital.  Within the hour when he was discharged, we made the 3.5 hour trip to San Diego just in time to catch the last hour of Erin and Timmy's graduation party.  It was a beautiful day and even though we didn't make it for the core part of the party, it felt good to see everyone so happy.

Back in Oxnard with my dad now and we're just taking care of a few things before heading back to San Diego.  My dad is calm, but it's hard to tell what's churning inside of him.  I know he's anxious to be through with the business part of this accident and get back to spending time with family.

This is the stuff that makes life important, though -

Uninterrupted time with my dad.
In my absence, hearing from people that Misa and John-Pio are happy, sweet, and fun!
Knowing that Brad and family are together, making the most of a beautiful place.

I am blessed!

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  1. Love how you regrouped and reframed when the unexpected happened. One can't take anything for granted so, also, it's good Joe is a-okay. Your ideas for how to spend your vacation sound perfect. Carry on!