Friday, July 10, 2015

Hip Hop and Running to catch suns rising

All things hip hop this week with the Hip Hop in the Heartland Institute which included an impressive line-up of hip hop scholars talking reality pedagogy that was innovative and relevant and reflective.  Provocative thinking both deep and on-the-surface, my brain and heart were slingshots pinging away asking questions, remembering stories, and ultimately, story-telling to a captive audience.  It was deep shit.  The finale was, well, actually every day was a finale it seemed.  Because the material and content were just so good - every moment was heightened.  I think the best part though was Time for writing and listening to narratives.  There's still a lot to process which I plan to do this next week so I'll write a highlight later for my fellow educators along with resources and ideas I bullet pointed with y'all in mind. 

Along with kids going in two different places, not to mention Brad traveling Monday through Friday, I still prioritized daily sunrises.  In the past three or so months I think what I've come to believe about sunrises is that I get to meet each one from wherever I am, and I leave each one behind a little changed - for the better, I think. 

Yesterday's sunrise (Thursday) - radical reflection. 

This happened last Sunday when in persistent spirit of pushing through something hard, I ran my first of three 17-milers in pursuit of my 51 Birthday Challenge.  I didn't suck too much because I feel good about my running in general, but 17 miles sucked.  Big time.  I mean, who runs 17 miles and stops?  Anyway,  I'll be 51 in 31 days so I'm running every single day for 51 days.  I'm also running three 17 milers in 51 days.  It's mental.  Alright, here's what a portion of that 17 miler looked like: 

around Monona Bay

just as I got to mile 14 and wanted to quit I spotted this shirt laying on ground JUST LIKE THIS street-side #nojoke

ran by Emma's place - this ominous mansion and I pretended she yelled out "keep it up Ver-Ver"   

My favorite part of the run though was the unexpected sighting of THAT SHIRT! It was like I just showed up doing what the universe wanted which was not to give up, and there it was.


This sight also stood out to me when I did two loops on the Picnic Point trail - I've always loved that trail because of its crystal silence.  Because it gives me the option of hearing the sky, feeling the soft ground and I especially like being on the lookout for swaying willows.  Hope everyone's getting out there, hope everyone has a goal or two. 

sun rose; now just me pounding the trail

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  1. My favorite part of this is the T-shirt spotted just when you needed it. I also have been running in Picnic Point all year, one of my favorite places. As we know, silence is hard to find in the city, even though it is nice in many ways to be a city dweller. Nice post.