Sunday, July 12, 2015

Running to Dead Prez, Climbing with Kids

So my ritual sunrise was replaced with a fast heartrate running to the song "Love You Can't Borrow" in lock step with the line, "Nobody's promised tomorrow" -- my mantra for the sufficient 3-miler, and a steady drumbeat in my body.  I had some surprisingly pleasant things to think about on my run, before spending the day with the admirable tight-knit super-rad, always  having-the-most-fun-outdoor climbing family ever . . . 

The Lauers!  Man their kids and our kids just HUNG-OUT on dirt and boulder pads talking stories (as my Chamorro islander fam says), laughing and hiking together.  These are tried and true adventurous kids unfazed by all things crawly, dirty and natural.  And they know how to get comfortable and safely party in the woods when their parents are climbing.  Here they are:

Drippy and humid, we spent most of our time on the North Shore on problems familiar to me and Brad, but new to Jamie and Tom.  I think we each earned any scabs and gnarly skin hangovers from today.  Next time we're at Devils Lake together we'll have to get on different problems since Tom KILLED it and needs new quartzite routes to mark up.  This is what went down today:  

We warmed up on the Pottery boulders.

Worked and nailed Bark Biter

Tom's fans completely silent until his top-out when they applauded:  

Jamie über strong on Venus Rising w/precision footwork and good focus:

Brad's impressive calm cool attempt on Venus Rising:

Tom made quick competent work of Venus Rising: 

Here I am lovin' on the rock: 

Fell and failed:

Anyone know what this flying insect is? 

What a fulfilling day with family and friends ending the outside fun at Goodman Pool:

No matter how tired or busy you are, I hope you get lots of outside time this week! 

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