Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Still in the thick of the National Writing Project where every day is reading and writing and researching, and everyday I think I'm getting a tiny bit smarter.  I hope it's not an illusion but when I walk outta there super tired like brain-worked, like I got carpel-tunnel syndrome in my right wrist, like sometimes even my heart hurts from feeling overwhelmed by so much insight and perspective - I'd like to believe I'm growing or at least that inactive neurons are firing or re-setting.  

This time last year I was preparing for a "30-day postcard poetry challenge" and wrote a poem every day, and sent it via post to a stranger every day.  The strangers were from a list-serve. Anyway it was a true writing challenge and this year I'm hosting one for August - it's a 30 day prompt challenge.  I'll post a daily prompt and all you have to do is dust off your journal or open a google doc or use a note app and respond to it.  You can keep it private or make it public or share it with someone.  It doesn't matter - the idea or the goal is to write. Stay tuned and get ready for August 1!

I'm still running.  Only 13 more days until my birthday and after that I'll probably keep #catchingsunrises cause the running is so mindful, and the run-ins are surprising and my dope playlists keep me thinking and entertained.  Not to mention I've made a few new friends like Mr. Troia, born in 1929 and knows every nook and cranny about Madison. 

We've been hanging out at the union terrace after my class to help me un-wind and give my dad and us a place to watch the beautiful sunsets and deal cards and play competitive casino card games!

Kids are still traveling with the adventurous Matson Fam.  I've hardly heard from Misa or John-Pio but thanks to Lit, Melissa, and Bethany for keeping me updated.  After DC, they'll make a stop in Gary, IN, for the annual friends and family trip so they'll reunite with more of the fam!  

Other than all this - which is a lot, hope y'all get out there.  I'm still basking in summer where 5am comes no matter what, but 10pm is also a sure thing.  

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