Saturday, August 1, 2015

Writing Challenge: Just 7 minutes of your time

Here you go - here's the first writing challenge prompt.  I'll keep it short.  I just finished 2 weeks of intense thinking and writing.  It was focused and challenging, and I'm satisfied.  I think you'll like the first prompt.  I wrote one in response to it this week and will open my notebook to write a second one alongside you all.  Feel free to share it with me via email or in the comments either anonymously or full-on - would love to put one of yours up here if you're open to it!  Set your timer to 7 minutes and just write.  If you have time to extend, then keep writing.  I included one I wrote earlier this week.  Have fun -- think childhood or a special event or a moment from yesterday. 

I remember . . .

Mine from earlier this week, actually written on my iphone:

I remember planting my feet on the rug, thinking I don't want to get out of bed to run.
I remember talking myself into it because it was 5:05am, which seemed like 5 minutes too late already.
I remember plopping down on the rug, tying my shoes, and thinking man I am tired. 
I remember adjusting my phone wishing my earbuds were a better fit and thinking would motivate me.
I remember taking a slight detour up the Monona parking ramp cause I decided I wanted to run up something and imagine a mountain or a highline trail or even a hillside.
I remember getting to the 5th level and stopping to witness a mountainous sky with muted shades of yellows and reds.
I remember taking a picture - just one.
I remember thinking I have the same 'ol boring hashtags.
I remember's lyrics The secret is power exists in all people, the struggle is a sequel, if you learn to let it teach you. 
I remember when the run was over and I was tired enough to hear the drip-drop of my own sweat.
I remember Brad in his wetsuit asking if I met my running goal.
I remember wondering if someone was gonna ask if he was going swimming in the lake.
I remember eating oatmeal and cinnamon and nuts all mixed together and then I remember writing out the postcard I had meant to write 2 weeks ago.
I remember feeling spontaneous.

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