Thursday, August 6, 2015

Writing Challenge Day 6: optimistic

What about memories?  My dad is 76 and over the last five years I feel like he's bridging memories, as if pieces of him are shooting like a lightning rod through his bones and he's eager to get them out.  The past few days I spent hours recording his stories of fishing when he was young.  Some words and names of fish are lost but his memory of how they're caught and how they're cooked are fresh. I love catching glimpses of his vulnerability, too - I can see it.  At times, his sharing is uncovered and raw, and sometimes there is a hint of sorrow.  I
keep searching for any inklings of regret, but I think that's one thing my dad taught me well: Regrets demand too much, that nothing in life except death or accidents have to be earth shattering.  And his presence here reminds me that he is 99% optimistic and 1% foreboding - I think the quote I live by. You must act as if it is impossible to fail, could have come right from him.  

So that leads me to today's writing challenge:  What makes you feel optimistic?  

7 minutes of your time!

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