Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Writing Challenge Day 11: Gettin High

This day in 2010, we were high up in a Wyoming mountain range.  This picture was the morning sunrise as we prepped horses for the kids and adults to ride almost 15 miles up and into a special, remote land where we made camp for a week.  I draw on that experience as one that is most memorable, most absorbing, most fun with family and friends, Annie and Stanley, Amy and kids, Mattie and kids -- a top 5 in my memory of outdoor trips.  

So that's today's writing challenge: top five memorable outdoor moments.

7 minutes :)

Remembering what it means to share a big sky.

I forgot how they got this cake up there!

Amy surrounded by all the kids:) 

The constructed raft:

John-Pio's first fish with the ever patient Jake

These friends ❤️

Highlights in history remind me of my history.  


  1. I've done a lot outdoors so it's impossible to name just 5:

    - leading the ice climb "Whorehouse Hoses" in Eureka CO. My first lead.
    - a perfect backpacking trip with Brad and Vera in the Weminuchi Wilderness of SW Colorado
    - By myself staring into the eyes of a sea turtle only 3 ft. away Makena Beach, Maui HI
    - The Northern Lights viewed by myself on my back on Old Baldy Dune Camp Miniwanca, Shelby MI
    - Walking the beach at camp looking up at the moon in the night sky, after watching Neal Armstrong's first steps on the moon
    - Persius Meteor Shower viewed on my back with the family on Rock Island in Lake Michigan
    - Sprinting away from a charing Grizzly and climbing trees to safety in Banff National Park, Canada
    - being down inside in a glacial crevasse on Mount Baker to practice self rescue
    - Sailing in stormy conditions on Lake Michigan with my Dad at age 12, my friend Janet, Dad and I crammed onto a little sunfish sailboat
    - sending the Devil's Lake rock climb, "Gils Nose," after working it for a season.
    - hiking from river to rim in the Grand Canyon alone

    1. You are right - hard to name the top 5. I wrote mine in a google doc but here they are:
      1) tele-skiing devils castle and baldy chutes - I liked the hike up as much as the ski down.
      2) trail running in city creek canyon before sunrise, during sunrise
      3) mt whitney trip (2nd time)
      4) wild iris climbing
      5) horsepack trip with the fam