Sunday, August 9, 2015

Writing Challenge Day 10: Gettin' Older

One thing about teaching is I keep getting a year older but as long as I'm a 6-7th grade teacher, my students are always the exact same age year after year.  Ms. Matson, Ms. Jorgensen and I had this kid, Toren Young as a student almost 6 years ago.  Now he's going into his senior year with already a DivisIon I football scholarship to the University of Iowa.  Toren's a model of possibilities - of working hard, and harder still.  I have loved witnessing this kid mature and grow into a respectable leader and a  respectful young man (shout out to his mom and family) who calls us by Ms. and answers with "yes ma'am" and "yes sir."  He stopped by to visit during our Guam Liberation party as well as to drop off some fundraising items, and his presence reminded me once again why I teach - I really needed this boost.  So here's to celebrate a kid who knows what it takes to stay in touch w/the "village" and who puts family above all else.  

Since it's my 51st birthday, today's writing challenge is growing older - what stays the same, what moves on? 

7 minutes :) 

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