Monday, August 24, 2015

Writing Challenge day 24: try hard

I did a lot of push-ups alternating with pull-ups and TRX .  I deemed it a "try-hard" day and I did.  So today's writing challenge is Try Hard. 

7 min

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  1. Physically, it is hard to try hard. The mind always tries to convince you to save energy, conserve in case a real emergency lies ahead. And the body only adapts (gets stronger) if you ignore that mental voice and try hard, harder than you knew you could. It's as much about mental control and determination as it is about physically trying hard. You must also totally ignore the fear of failure. Be willing to fail, truly fail, no sandbagging. Dig deep. Then deeper, push it to another level. It all takes practice. And uncomfortable is an understatement -- it is painful mentally and physically to try hard. Why do it? The rewards are great. Set the bar higher than you think you can clear and try truly hard. It's worth it.