Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Sister


Geri's my big sister and I'm her GREATEST fan - happily the sister who always gets the better end of the deal in our very special relationship.

Until last night at her 50th birthday party, I believed I was the Geri fan. It was obvious though, that EVERYONE who came to honor and celebrate her 50 years of living was clearly her greatest fan, too. I am not alone!





Beautiful . . .

Those were just a few of the wonderful words used to describe her by the 80+ family and friends who I had the privilege of talking to at the party. All of Geri's family - Dan, Erin, Timmy, and Jenna - conspired to put together a party that truly reflected the special things that make her unique. They did an amazing job with the spread of our traditional Chamorro food - red rice, chicken kelaguen, eskebeche, barbequed chicken and ribs, potato salad, lumpia, latiza for dessert, and of course birthday cake. And the Motown music by "Mojo Sessions," definitely brought all of us onto the floor sprinkling the entire space with lingering happiness. But what really stood out last night, and what will be obvious in the slideshow below, was that we all came to celebrate a vibrant, beautiful, most kind and gracious woman - What a memorable party!

Happy Birthday big sister, Geri - I am still your GREATEST fan!

Enjoy the slideshow! I am still working on posting a few videos of the band. I loved, loved seeing my dad, nieces and nephews, cousins, old friends from National City (Little Gerry, Mary, Martha, Marcus, to name a few), Geri's colleagues, and of course extended family and friends. It was the kind of event that will stay with me for a long time.

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