Sunday, January 1, 2012


That was the theme of my New Years Resolutions last year. Less simple sugars, less distractions, less excuses for failing, less judging - less of everything negative. Translated, these turned out to be more of a change in attitude than they were real specific changes or improvements, but I tried my hardest to live by the theme. I took stock of the things I meant to change or improve, and I celebrated the few things I actually accomplished, while putting some time into reflecting on what made them worthwhile. I admit that I have a few that will carry-over to my resolutions for 2012, and I also admit that until a few years ago (maybe when I hit 40), I rarely thought about the traditional New Years Resolutions.

I mean, I've always set goals, but I didn't really arrange them so they would come up for evaluation on a yearly basis. In the many roles I play - wife, parent, friend, daughter, sister, educator, I'd say physical and mental fitness, in addition to a meaningful spiritual life are integral to all of these roles. And when things get rough or when I'm at my limit and particular goals seem difficult, I remind myself of this: Nothing Less than what I can give at that moment. And somehow, that attitude turns that moment into something positive and achievable.

So what have I got to say for myself when it comes to 2011's resolutions? Well. I vowed to write a thank-you note once a week to someone. I did that, and I'll continue to do it. I said I would get fitter than I've been in a long time, and I am. I wanted to increase the kids' savings accounts, which was a struggle, but I managed that. I backed up all my pictures and videos, thanks to Brad. I was helpful in leading a service-learning trip for 40 students to New Orleans. I trained for running and climbing, which I noticed measurable improvement given some of my projects and on-going Birthday Challenges. And I started writing this blog, as well as started selling personal stuff on ebay - these two things went down to the wire, having started the blog in September, and setting up ebay on December 31.

I'm happy with the big and small tasks I accomplished, and I'm even more satisfied with the attitudes behind my goals.

What's in store for me this year has a lot to do with being physically, mentally, and spiritually fit. With each passing year, I feel more and more like me - like I am finally growing into my own self, not the person someone else imagined me to be, or the person someone else had hoped I'd become. Focusing on this kind of fitness - the kind that instructs and inspires me to act - is how I would like to play out my year.



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