Monday, January 30, 2012

Knots and Ropes!

After two weeks of Brad traveling, it felt good to have a little respite. Two adults in charge make kid requests and their bundles of energy easier and definitely more fun. Anne climbed with us, too, so that meant three adults, which most definitely made it more fun!

We spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday at Boulders - not just to climb, but to also admire the facility upgrades and watch the crowd of people climb and boulder. There's a new wave of boulder problems to get after, and only a few routes that I have left to send. Misa created a boulder problem that she made progress on, and climbed on rope more than I've seen her do in a while. She demoed her 8-knot skill, and ran around with John-Pio creating games together and challenging each other to perform various gymnastics feats. Here she is showing her new level of competency with the classic 8-knot.

Here is a video of Anne floating a 5.10 on lead. It's always good to lead, and always fun leading pleasant climbs like this one. Well-done!

5.10 float

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  1. Great demo, Misa. I'll give my beginning climbing students a link to this video when I teach them to tie in! You tied a perfect knot all on your own yesterday when I was your belayer. You climbed better than ever on rope and bouldering, figuring out the sequence independently. Keep up the good work. You have climbing in your genes!