Friday, February 3, 2012

So Many Pull-ups

It's been an inconsistent winter season as far as training goes. Consistency is challenging for me. I'm not complaining - life is rich and full, and I take what I can get. The past few weeks have been pretty spotty, but the times when I got in a training session, I was pretty satisfied, even if it was short.

One day, while Katie collected 100 points from sending various boulder problems, I set my goal at 20 points, and then we did a series of crazy pull-ups and push-ups. I have a really bad video of me, Katie, and Jill mocking the whole training process. It's a good thing that I surround myself with all types - I particularly like the attitude of fun, and the fact that training, is just not that serious.

Here's a video of Katie during the last set of our pull-up sets. We had FUN!

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