Saturday, December 31, 2011

1000 Happy Famiies for Christmas

Of all the things that made Christmas and the holidays special this year, it was Misa's hopeful wish for "1000 Happy Families." Number 24 on her list said it all. We created a page on Facebook, hoping to reach a thousand "Likes," so we could show Misa that a thousand happy families do indeed exist.

The page was shared by so many of our friends, families, and friends of friends, and before we knew it, we were celebrating more than 1000 Happy Families with Misa.

This video captures Misa's reaction when we presented this gift to her. (It's a little long, but it's really the first minute or so that tells the story . . . ) What it doesn't show is the inspiration, and hope-filled emotions that Brad and I felt receiving the incredible support and enthusiasm as we attempted to gather the thousand "Likes." All of the stories and pictures are fresh and heartwarming - a sure sign that happy families come in all varieties and life experiences.

What a gift!

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