Sunday, December 11, 2011

Getting Technical

Misa has a knack for technical learning - she is a quick study, and likes to understand the mechanics behind the device, game, or tool she's using. This weekend, after tiring of just going up and down the walls at the climbing gym, she wanted to do something different. So we showed her how to use the GRIGRI, a belay device with assisted braking, used also for top roping and leading. In Misa's world, learning how to "ascend" using the device, introduced her to a whole new element of climbing. My heart skipped a few beats as we trained her, and gave room for a few practice goes. As a parent, it was great to watch her confidence increase, and it'll be really fun to help refine her skills with technical gear, and watch her develop! Here she is on her first go with the GRIGRI.

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