Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Celebration of Life

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"
-Mary Oliver

When I initially opened my Facebook account, the first album I created was "Goddesses, Matriarchs, Heroines, and Angels." Grandma Betty, who passed away on December 15th, 2011, could be found in my album. She was a true matriarch. Style and leadership, she was one of those people who made you believe that anything was possible. So much so, that when she died unexpectedly at the amazing age of 92, it surprised most of us. Yet, as Brad characterized her so beautifully in his eulogy, her one wild and precious life was distinguished by her health, her independence, and her dignity - making her passing an undeniably graceful one.

Rest in peace, Grandma Betty. We love and miss you so much.

Here I am with Grandma Betty at her 90th Birthday party.
Petrified wood as a memory.
Bible with a lot of recorded family history.

Among the items in Grandma's house, Misa chose these bookmarks.
Nutcracker and jigger
Brad bought this for Grandma 30 years ago, in Ecuador.
Emma, Brad, and Grandma.

Here is a little slideshow (raw) of Grandma Betty's memorial.

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  1. Grandma Betty is inspiring. In that was she lives on.