Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Nutcracker

Emma was 6 years old when she nabbed her first role in the infamous "Nutcracker" performance as a baby mouse. Year after year, she danced in other roles such as a toy soldier, puccinella, and party girl. Brad and I always imagined her moving into the next level - a Snow Fairy maybe - before she grew out of those types of dance roles. I remember the year when she decided she wouldn't be auditioning for the Nutcracker, and I remember it being a bit emotional for her.

Fast forward to today. All dressed up and excited, Emma took Misa and John-Pio to the Nutcracker performance at the Overture Center. It was one of her first times that she would be in the audience after her last performance 5 years ago. She was genuinely excited to be taking her little sister and brother to the performance that held so many memories for her. As I dropped them off, Emma was reflective. She said that even though she knew letting go of her Nutcracker performances was hard for her, she realized that she didn't miss it, especially because she began dedicating her time and presence to Kanopy Dance Company. It's instructive how time and experience can change a person.

If there is one thing I hold close to my heart - more than so many other important things in life - it is when Emma, Misa, and John-Pio spend quality sibling time together. They are just so tight, so joyful, so hilarious together, that even when they have their typical sibling moments, it is awesome how grounded they are in each others brotherly-sisterly relationship.


  1. When I was caring for 8 year Emma while Misa was being born Emma wondered aloud if she wanted a sister. I listened to her concern and offered acceptance of it. I also suggested, in simpler terms than this, that parental love is unlimited and a sibling relationship is a unique gift. In time I was sure she'd be deeply grateful for it. Now it is Misa who is 8 --- these three kids are living the gift.

  2. I remember that time like it was yesterday, Anne. So true that a quality sibling relationship is a gift!