Monday, May 19, 2014

The Letter J

In John-Pio's world, J is for jelly beans.  I'm not sure what he'll be doing with jelly beans but I know I'll be wearing jeans, cause my J is for Jeans.  I don't have many pairs - in fact, because I've devoted the rest of the school year to jeans, I hit up St. Vinny's last week and bought 5 comfortable pairs.

#score #stretchy

If certain people in the public want to know exactly what educators do, here's how one student responded to a prompt about what not to wear to school:

Students and teachers should be comfortable in school. It's not like we're "people watching" every day noting this and that about what people wear.  In school all any of us want to do is change everything.  Improve something.  Change something from being boring to being important.  The dress code is kind of a boring thing to change but if it's the dress code that's getting to you, then stop spending a lot of time complaining about it and think about it in a different way.  Then go and change it.  

Thank goodness the J day finally came.  I'm changing everything I don't normally do . . . by doing something as mundane as wearing jeans for the next 17 days.

#peoplewatching #jeansrule

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  1. back in Jan. 1969, the middle of my freshman year, my high school abolished the dress code! We put on jeans, flannel shirts, T-shirts, and work boots and never looked back. J is for Jeans in January