Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Letter M

John-Pio's M day is Musical and that's my M for tomorrow too.  In response to the realities of race and Wisconsin's recent report on the racial disparities that interfere with opportunities for children of color, I'm devoting this post to hip hop.  I love using hip hop as a way to inform and challenge my students to become anti-racist.  I've recently been to several events discussing racial inequities and one missing piece that is so important in the discussion of race and equity is relevant and critical inquiry into hip hop and politics.  For my white privileged friends out there who want to do something other than drop off groceries, drop into schools, invite folks of color into their homes . . . and for those who think they experience more racism these days than Black people do, consider hip hop - it's music that tells the story all of us need to know.

Write on it.  Talk about it.  Think.

Nas - Illmatic
We're Already Royal -
Malcolm X -
Nikki Giovanni -
MCLyte -
Kendrick Lamar -

And just for kicks, here's a list of some fun duets:

Method Man and Mary Jane Blige:  All I Need
Nas and Lauryn Hill: If I Ruled the World
The Notorious B.I.G. and Faith Evans: One More Chance
The Roots with Erykah Badu: You Got Me
Jay-Z and Mary J Blige: Can't Knock the Hustle

Note:  There is no Macklemore on this list.  For good reason.

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