Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Letter L

If you want kids to be independent thinkers who gradually demonstrate their learning, you have to Let 'em be.  Sometimes you have to be hard and it'll seem like you're being mean but take a breath in and don't give in to ...

A raised hand within 30 seconds of handing out a test or assignment - it's so annoying.  Make the rule that no student can raise their hand until after 10 min has passed. 

Restating directions over and over - somehow you have to make it accessible so everything is explicit and crystal clear. 

Power struggles - all the kid is doing is throwing you bait and if you bite, it's over.

Those are just the top three things on my mind when it comes to student growing their independence.  


The hard part about Letting 'em be is having your own self-confidence.  It's relinquishing your ego and accepting the fact that there are times when you're just not needed as much as you think you are.  And anyway, once you realize that it's terribly disempowering to always need help, Lettin 'em be seems like the right thing to do.

After making dinner I had to call my mom so I asked the kids to start eating on their own - I had no idea they would initiate their own blessing over their food - a sweet surprise from just Lettin' em be.  I was on the phone in the same room and captured this ...

Followed by "You opened your eyes!" 

It was a mark of independence, that Misa and John-Pio would bless their food independent of me leading or assuming that role always.  Anyway, tomorrow John-Pio gets to play with Legos for his L day and I'm going to continue my practice of Lettin 'em be

#justbelieve #anti-disempowerment

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