Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Letter O

Tomorrow is Outside Time for John-Pio.  I'm guessing that means integrated academics with hopefully a whole bunch of extra recess minutes.  I'd let my O day be that too if I could count on myself to actually teach - my fear is that teaching outside would be so novel I would end up playing around hopelessly distracted from any learning target or agenda.  Plus, this came across my desk today . . . 

And I felt it was a sign that day 15, countdown to 11 days, is for Olaf.  As silly as it seems, I will admit that this little drawing reminded me of the innocence in adolescent boys.  This kid - smart and social with uber dedication to soccer, not to mention the kid who posted the fastest mile time in the entire school - handed Olaf to me and said, 

I drew Olaf for you Ms. Naputi cause sometimes you remind me of him.  

Okaaaay.  Well.  I got that going for me. If  you have a moment longer, check out this link to find out if you fit one of these 19 characteristics that make Olaf distinct!


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